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How to get Vietnam visa from Canada?

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Canada is not in the list of Vietnam visa exemption; therefore, every Canadian is required a valid visa to enter Vietnam. From Canada, you can get a visa to Vietnam by two following options:

Option 1: Get Vietnam Entry Visa at Vietnam Embassy in Canada:

You can apply for Visa to Vietnam at Vietnam Embassy/Consulate in Canada:
  • Embassy of Vietnam in Ottawa, Canada
  • Address: 470 Wilbrod Street, Ottawa, Ontario, K1N 6M8, CANADA
  • Phone: (1613) 236 0772
  • Fax: (1613) 236 2704
  • Email:,,
  • Office hours: Office hours: Monday to Friday: Morning: 9.30 a.m - 11.30 a.m Afternoon: 13.30 p.m - 16.00 p.m

However, it may take you 2-5 working days to get Vietnam Visa at Vietnam Embassy in Canada.

Option 2: Get Vietnam Visa on Arrival:

Visa on arrival – the visa picked up at arrival airport – is offered to all of those who are the Canadian passport holders. This kind of method is created to make the Canadian trip to Vietnam simpler and more economical. It is applicable for those travelling by air to Vietnam.

Visa on arrival is a special advantage for those who live far from the Vietnam Embassy/Consulate in Canada. The applicants neither have to go to the Embassy nor have to send out the passport. By using this way of getting Vietnam Visa, a Canadian only needs at least 2 days for normal processing and 1 day for urgent processing (or only 4 working hours for super urgent service – see Super Urgent Service) to get a pre-approval letter issued by Vietnam Immigration Department which is an official permission of getting visa upon arrival.
How to get pre-approval letter and visa?
You go online at, fill in the secure form, make service payment, and just wait for 2 working days (normal service) or within 1 working day (urgent service) to get your Visa Approval Letter issued by Vietnam Immigration Department via email.

Print the approval letter out together with a filled entry and exit form and 2 passport sized photos

Get your visa stamped at Vietnam airport checking point by submitting printed visa approval letter, passport, 2 passport-sized photos, entry and exit form, and stamping fee to the in-charge officer.

  • Before applying for Vietnam visa, a Canadian has to make sure that his/her passport has minimum 6 month validity and left pages.
  • Visa on arrival option is ONLY applicable for Canadians traveling by air to Vietnam.
  • For further information, please visit application process or contact us at:
  • Hotline: +84 962 655 556 or +84 966 56 99 56
  • Customer Support Email : or


In order to get your Vietnam visa, you should pay two kinds of fees: Service fee and Stamping fee.

1. Service fee

Service fee is the fee you pay to us for assisting you in submitting your application to the Vietnam Immigration Office and getting the visa approval letter.

Service fee needs to be paid in full in advance to process the visa approval letter in 1 working day (urgent service) or 2 working days (normal service) and 4 working hours (super urgent service).

2. Stamping fee

Stamping fee is the fee you pay directly to Immigration Officers in cash (in USD or VND) (at Immigration Desk/Counter) at your arrival airport in Vietnam to have visa stamped onto your passport.

The fee is collected by the Immigration Officers and compulsory for all those who use visa on arrival method. See table below for details.

NOTIFICATION: New stamping fees come into effect from January 1, 2013.

  • 45 USD for 1 month or 3 month single entry visa
  • 65 USD for 1 month multiple entry visa (less than 30 days)
  • 95 USD for 3 month multiple entry visa

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One month single

(stamp fee: 25 USD)
1 month staying
entry & exit one time

Apply visa

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